Reasons Why Handcrafted Jewllery Will Make The Perfect Gift For Your Loved One


Jewellery remains the go-to present when you are looking to impress someone while also gifting them something special that they can cherish for decades down the line. Nonetheless, while the primary reason why people buy jewellery for their loved ones is to offer them something heartfelt, the commercial jewellery industry is nothing close to this sentiment. The mining of gemstones coupled with the manufacture of mass-produced pieces not only harm the environment, but there is no personal touch. A better option would be to invest in handcrafted jewellery. Consider the following reasons why handcrafted jewellery will make the perfect gift for your loved one.

Handcrafted jewellery ensures a commitment to sustainability

As stated above, jewellery that is manufactured commercially is typically mass-produced. This mass production affects the environment negatively in a couple of ways. Firstly, sourcing precious stones for the mass market means land degradation, water pollution, negative impact on biodiversity and even air pollution! In addition to this, the manufacture of jewellery at a large scale entails the consumption of a significant amount of electricity. Handcrafted jewellery, for starters, does not entail extensive mining. Moreover, as the name implies, the jewellery made by hand. Thus, there is no excessive consumption of energy.

Handcrafted jewellery gives you control over materials

The second advantage of electing to gift your loved one handcrafted jewellery over mass-market pieces is the complete control you have over the materials that will be utilised to create your piece. This is especially beneficial to individuals with a modest budget but who still would like to create something beautiful. When you sit down for a consultation with the jewellery artisan, you will begin by brainstorming on the design of the piece as well as the materials that should be employed to put it together. Thus, if you have a gold hue in mind for the piece but cannot afford this metal, you could opt for bras that will lend the piece a similar aesthetic!

Handcrafted jewellery accords you a timeless piece

 As aforementioned, once you have chosen your artisan, you will have a session where you can brainstorm on a design for the piece of jewellery you want to be made. The great thing about this consultation is that both your creativity and that of the artisan combined will help with coming up with a design that is unique enough to set your loved one apart. Furthermore, the more unique and visually pleasing the piece, the higher the chance that it will have a timeless appeal.


3 January 2020

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