The 4 Benefits of Buying Your Girlfriend a Vintage Engagement Ring


When you decide to propose to your girlfriend, one of the first things you probably think about is choosing the perfect ring. You want it to be something she will love with a memory she will cherish forever. While jewelry stores have beautiful, modern rings, you may want to consider a vintage diamond ring. Here are some reasons to consider going the vintage route.

The Ring Has a Story

A great reason to choose a vintage ring instead of a brand new one is that it comes with a story. When telling people how you chose the ring, you might want something more meaningful than choosing it from the nearest jewelry store. When shopping for an engagement ring that is vintage, try to purchase it either from the person who owned it, or a jewelry store that is aware of who wore it and where it came from. Many estate sales and stores that sell vintage items will know some of the ring's history.

They Come From Memorable Eras

You might have a girlfriend who enjoys history and especially the eras where the most beautiful engagement rings come from. For example, many of the rings from the Edwardian area, between 1900 and 1920, have a lot of filigree, scrollwork, and lace-like details that is hard to find in modern rings. Some rings are even older, dating back to the Victorian era in 1835. These have intricate details and are often made with pearls and diamonds.

The Craftsmanship is Top-Notch

One thing you notice when you look at vintage jewelry is that the craftsmanship is nearly flawless. Each ring was often made by hand instead of with machines. The difference between man-made and machine-made rings is audible. Your girlfriend will be able to appreciate the hard work and sweat that when into making the ring, not to mention the history behind the person who designed it. While there will be a number of different marks on the ring, that is from age and can actually help you determine whether or not it is truly a vintage ring.

She Will Get a One-of-a-Kind Ring

Vintage rings are rarely duplicated, so she will probably go her entire life without seeing another one exactly like it. This is not the case when you choose a new ring at a local jewelry store, where she might see the same ring on neighbors, friends, or even close family members. When you are marrying someone who likes to be unique, vintage is the best option.


30 December 2015

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