More bling on the ring - 5 reasons to choose diamond engagmement rings that are not solitaires


While diamond engagement rings are a solid and traditional choice, not everyone wants or suits a traditional diamond solitaire. Here are some times to think about adding more stones to the rings.

Recognising your children on the ring

For second marriages, many people like to recognise the role of their children, and the engagement ring can be a cute place to do so. If you are joining a family where one partner has one child and the other has two children, for example, you could opt for a 5 stone ring where each stone represents one of the family members and symbolises the new family unit you will create with this marriage.

Incorporating heirloom jewellery

In a situation where you have more than one family member handing you a piece of jewellery to act as an engagement ring, you may be able to melt down the ring and use the material and stones from both rings to create a whole new piece of jewellery which reflects the history of the family as a whole. This can be a beautiful way to modernise a piece of jewellery as well, as your fiancé may not be enthused to show off a chunky and old fashioned 1970s-style ring if all her friends have sleek modern rings. Equally, there can be history within some rings, such as if you parents divorced under poor circumstances but would like you to use their wedding jewellery, that can be rewritten by redesigning the rings using the original history.

An active lifestyle

If your fiancé is the action type they may not want a solitaire, which tends to stick out from the finger. Eternity or band styles where you use similar carats of diamonds against a band can be an attractive and affordable option that won't get in the way.

A limited budget

Finally, if you dream of getting your fiancé a big, sparkly ring but don't have the budget for a multi-carat solitaire, a cluster ring which circles smaller higher quality stones together in a bunch can be a gorgeous option. These give a much sparklier appearance than purchasing a lower quality diamond, while having a lower price tag.

Shying away from a diamond solitaire is a great choice for a non-conventional bride who still has her heart set on a diamond ring. Contact a jeweller like Simon Alexander to learn about different engagement ring styles to find one that suits your relationship best.


1 July 2015

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