Opal Education: Three Tips To Consider While Browsing The Jewellery Store


Opals are a stunning stone, and you will never find two that look exactly the same. Opals are made over time through a process that involves a combination of water and silicon dioxide, and because of this no stone is identical. The colours in opals are intensely divine, and they are the perfect gem to choose as a gift for yourself. However, before you pick up the first opal piece that you see in the jewellery store, consider these three tips.

Opal Values

The value of an opal is determined by the type of opal that it is. Opals come from all different parts of Australia, and some are worth more than others. For example:

  • The black opal is very dark in colour and is rarely found. Because of this rarity, the black opal is the diamond of the opal world, and it will be priced higher than its light-coloured counterparts.
  • White opals are the most common of the opal stones, and they are priced to reflect this. White opals still have colour threads running through them, and the colour and transparency of the stone will contribute towards the price being asked. Brilliant stones that really shine will always have a higher price tag.

Online research before you start shopping should help to educate you more about what different types of opal are being sold for. Once you know how much you are willing to pay, you need to look closely at the opal being offered to you.

Opal Defects

It is possible that the opal you love has minor defects in it. After all, this stone has come from the ground, so it has been under pressure for many years. Many opal defects are ground away while the stone is being shaped before sale, but it is possible that defects or cracks remain.

Always try to buy an opal in person rather than online if you can. By doing so, you can physically check to see if there are any cracks in the stone. Cracks will considerably lessen the value of your stone, so you do not want to buy one with flaws.


When you finally decide upon an opal to purchase, arrange for the jewellery store to provide you with a certificate of authenticity. You will need this when it comes time to insure your opal if it is above the specified value amount of your contents insurance policy. Most insurance companies require that jewellery items worth more than a specific dollar value are listed separately on the policy. These items need to be accompanied with an authenticity certificate and a valuation. To find out the specified value amount of your policy you should contact your insurance company.

An opal is a gem that is a gut instinct purchase, and when you find the right one you, will know. However, armed with these three tips, your opal shopping trip will be an informed, exciting adventure. One that will hopefully reward you with a new item of jewellery for your collection. For more information, contact a business such as Matusik Jewellers.


25 March 2015

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